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    by Published on 30th January 2010 02:13
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    2. KDAB

    KDAB extends its offering of Qt training courses. Next to the Qt introduction courses, there are now three different training programs, aimed at non-novice Qt developers who want to deepen and extend their Qt knowledge and skillset:
    • Deepen your Qt Skills: The new in-depth training course is the perfect choice for those who want to deepen their knowledge of Qt. The in-depth course covers aspects of Model/View programming, working with QGraphicsView and using multiple threads in your application. The course will skip over basic knowledge of Qt
    • Pick and Learn: This new course KDAB offers allows you to assemble your Qt training yourself. For this course, a series of possible topics is offered, along with an indication how much time is needed to cover these subjects. The Pick & Learn course is the right choice for those who already have some knowledge of Qt, but need to dive deeper into certain areas, be it for a specific project, or just to shed more light on areas inside Qt you haven't gotten in touch with yet.
    • Qt Update: This course is aimed at all those who feel that they weren't able to keep up with all the new features and techniques that have gone into Qt. The course will provide an overview of changes in Qt 4 since Qt 4.3, including improvements in QGraphicsView, the addition of QWebKit, the new animation framework, and many more.

    As usual, all trainings are held by KDAB's certified Qt trainers, using the official Qt training material.

    More information about the new training courses
    by Published on 20th January 2010 19:08
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    2. ICS

    The latest ICSNetwork webcast is now available for download at http://www.ics.com/icsnetwork. This month's topic is Qt Potpourri. We will present a number of lesser known, but useful Qt classes and features that you may have overlooked, even if you are an experienced Qt developer.

    Don't miss your chance to show off your Qt knowledge by entering our ICSNetwork Challenge Contest. This month's question is:

    The QSharedMemory class can be useful to implement inter-process communication (IPC). What other Qt module can be used for more sophisticated IPC, although it is currently limited to Unix platforms?

    For complete rules and deadlines, please visit http://www.ics.com/learning/icsnetwork_challenge/

    The winner will receive a set of five Qt development books -- and perpetual bragging rights!

    The next topic on the ICSNetwork will be What's New in Qt 4.6 and is scheduled for release in February.
    by Published on 19th January 2010 13:00
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    2. Qt

    Today Nokia announced the release of maintenance release to Qt 4.6 and Creator 1.3 series.

    Qt 4.6.1 brings a binary compatibility guarantee for Symbian applications, bugfixes mainly to the GUI and OpenGL modules. There is also an important change if you use the Phonon module.

    Also a beta for the Maemo port has been released. You can find more information at Qt for Maemo developers page.
    by Published on 26th March 2009 14:15

    ARISE organizes a certified Open Enrollment training in "Programming with Qt".
    Location: Warsaw, Poland
    Date: 4-8 May, 2009
    Price: 1600 EUR
    Language: Polish (optionally English)
    by Published on 16th March 2009 11:40

    Title: Latest Qt News by Marcel Schuette (Nokia Qt Software) 26.3. Helsinki, Finland
    Location: Flander, Itämerenkatu 5, Helsinki, Finland
    Date: Thu 26.03.2009 at 8:30AM
    Duration: 2 h

    Flander will organize in co-operation with Nokia Qt Software a free morning session for Qt developers in Helsinki, Finland to view the latest news of Qt.
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