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Thread: Group Memberships

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    Red face Group Memberships

    Hi, i got another stupid question...

    What are groups & Group Memberships? Are they supported on qtcentre?
    FAQ doesn't explain it...
    anybody knows how does groups works?

    Maybe there should be some information about how groups are created or how memberships are granted in FAQ?...

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    Default Re: Group Memberships

    Yes, they are used - mostly internally. The only custom public group currently available for users is the feedback group, which allows starting new threads in the feedback section of the forum. Membership is granted automatically after reaching 10 posts - this is to ensure that one has to hang out on the forum a bit before suggesting how to improve the forum.

    If anyone has ideas for other public groups and rules for entering/leaving them, please suggest it on the feedback forum - after all this is a community site.

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