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Thread: Computing page breaks

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    Default Computing page breaks

    I have to one issue in Qt3-based Kexi "printouts" plugin.
    The printouts look like this

    The problem is that when you have, say, "Description" field filled with really large text that cannot fit on a single page, I need to somewhat split the text between pages.
    Things taht internally deal with wordwrapping in Qt3, e.g. QTextCursor is private here. I also do not use 3rdparty replacement like kotext in this plugin.

    Summing up, what I would like to have is a function like:

    Qt Code:
    1. uint numberOfCharactersThatCanFitInARectangle(const QRect7 rect, const QString& text);
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    I could then paint first N characters on a QPainter and then go to another page and repeat the whole routine for the remaining text.

    Thanks in advance,

    Jaroslaw Staniek
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    Default Re: Computing page breaks

    Hi Jarek,

    Try using QFontMetrics::boundingRect(). You'll have to call it repeatedly with different strings to find one that fits into a specified rectangle. That's more or less what's done even in Qt4 internally when calculating the amount of text that fits into a rectangle (see QItemDelegate::elidedText() or something like that - I don't see it in the docs but I remember using it, maybe QFontMetrics::elidedText() works in a similar way).

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