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Thread: QLineEdit and focus

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    Default QLineEdit and focus

    I've tried to search a forum, but could not find the answer.
    I have a mainwindow with a QLineEdit in the toolbar. I want to brint it to the front, set focus on the application startup, like in Firefox or Konqueror ( No, I am not developing a web browser ). Basically I want QLineEdit in the toolbar to be the active widget of the application at startup.
    I tried setFocus(), raise(), but it does not help.

    grabKeyboard() grabs the keyboard, but it does not make QLineEdit the active widget.

    Can anobody help?


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    Default Re: QLineEdit and focus

    The widget has to be visible to receive focus, so make sure you set the focus only after show() is called (or even later (for example using a timer), when the window is actually displayed).

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