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Thread: Circular scale

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    Default Circular scale

    I want something like this circular scale:

    The problems is that I must work with Qwt-0.4.1 (new version of Qwt has problems of compatibility with other libraries) so I've not the Dials.
    How I can't resolve this question?
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    Default Re: Circular scale

    QwtScaleDraw is able to draw circular scales since Qwt 0.1.
    But there is not so much difference beween 0.4.1 and 4.2.0. You could also take the code of QwtDial from 4.2.0 and strip it down.


    PS: There will be a first basic implementation of a polar plot widget end of this month. Better check if it isn't easier to port your depending libraries to Qwt 5.0.1.

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