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Thread: Inheriting QListViewItem

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    Default Inheriting QListViewItem

    I have a class which inherits QListViewItem.
    class myItem : public QListViewItem
    void somefunction();
    now I create a list view "mainList" from Qt Designer and add my items in this way
    myItem *item=new myItem(mainList,"label");
    however when I try to fetch the item by iterating the listview why wouldn't the following code work
    myItem *item=mainList->firstChild();
    //this creates an error : InValid conversion from QListViewItem to myItem

    but if I do
    QListViewItem *item=mainList->firstChild();
    then it is ok but I can't call someFunction() which is inside myItem
    I know the working solution is :
    myItem *item=(myItem *) mainList->firstChild();
    but I am wondering if myItem inherits QListViewItem then it "is a" QListViewItem why do we still need to typecast. Shouldn't the "is a " relationship of inheritence hold true here ?

    Thank you to anyone who would like to solve this small query.
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    Default Re: Inheriting QListViewItem

    It is true that myItem is a QListViewItem. But not necessarily the other way around. The QListView holds QListViewItems, and knows nothing about myItems. So you have to downcast. It might be a good idea to subclass QListView also, to support myItems, so you won't have to cast from the outside.
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