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Thread: Tristate Flag ignored in QListWidgetItem

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    Default Tristate Flag ignored in QListWidgetItem

    I trying to make a QListWidget which contain items which is checkable and they have tristate.
    I set flag Qt::ItemIsTristate on items but when running program it is still possible to set them only in two state Qt::Checked or Qt::Unchecked by clicking on item.

    I try to do this in this way:

    Qt Code:
    1. void step1display::addProductItem(QString programName, QString data, bool status)
    2. {
    3. QListWidgetItem *newItem = new QListWidgetItem(programName, ui.listProgramsAll, 0);
    4. newItem->setFlags(Qt::ItemIsSelectable | Qt::ItemIsUserCheckable | Qt::ItemIsEnabled | Qt::ItemIsTristate);
    5. newItem->setData(32, data);
    6. if (status) {
    7. newItem->setCheckState(Qt::PartiallyChecked);
    8. }
    9. else {
    10. newItem->setCheckState(Qt::Unchecked);
    11. }
    12. ui.listProgramsAll->addItem(newItem);
    13. }
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    Is it this way, which I use to do this, wrong or it is something else?
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