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    Default DockWidgets and layout

    Hi all,
    1. I have a problem with my dockwidgets. Dsired.png(left one) is the look which i want. But when my application is run i get it as Obtained.png(right one). i need to pull the splitter handle to get it to the correct position. I want the Splitter handle to be at the desired position from the start itself. How can i set that?

    2. Also shud i put all of my widgets (right dock window, left dock window and the text editor) in a layout. Text editor is set as the central widget.

    3. i have to add one more dock window at the bottom, which will be a log window.... when i added it, the whole window got out of control... i mean the whole window went beyond the display area of the screen and the title bar of the application was invisible..... i was not able to access the close, minimise and restore buttons..... i am not able to figure out the problem. please help me

    Thanks in advance.... am attaching the code for the dock windows
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