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Thread: User Interface with QTableView

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    Default User Interface with QTableView

    I'm updating a Qt3 project to Qt4. Here's a screenshot of the current application:

    I want to replace the lower listview and associated widgets with a QTableView. I think this will be a cleaner interface, and streamline some of the code as well. But I'm wondering about the interface. Editing an item would be easy, just use build in editor or a delegate. But what about adding or deleting rows?

    This is more of a interface design question than a programming question. I could use a context menu or similar, but that seems clumsy. Or I could pop up an editor dialog on a doubleclick, but that sounds even worse. I have another application with a similar table view. What I did for it was delete the row if the user deleted the item name, then always made sure there was a blank row on bottom to edit. When the blank row was edited I would automatically add a new one. Is this approach usable? Besides keeping in the add/delete buttons, what other ideas are there?

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    Default Re: User Interface with QTableView

    I think add and delete buttons are the most intuitive solution.

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