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Thread: Can executable-name be case-in-sensitive in Linux ...??

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    Default Can executable-name be case-in-sensitive in Linux ...??

    Hi ,

    Can executable-name be case-in-sensitive in Linux ...??

    Here goes what i need to achieve ...
    => i have a Qt application , which am trying to run in Linux
    => in the *.pro file i have mentioned the TARGET = MyExecutable
    => The application works properly from IDE , but now i am trying to run it from the shell- prompt
    and i want to make sure that my executable name ( MyExecutable ) is NOT CASE SENSITIVE.

    ie; i should be able to execute in the following way
    Qt Code:
    2. or
    3. ./MyExecutable
    4. or
    5. ./myexecutable
    6. ...etc
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    Can anybody help me to achieve this ...?
    thanks in adance

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    Default Re: Can executable-name be case-in-sensitive in Linux ...??

    Case sensitivity is a matter of the underlying file system and not the operating system. What is the reason of the need to access the file using different cases? Maybe it'll be enough if you create symlinks?

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