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Thread: Qt DLL in non Qt application

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    Default Qt DLL in non Qt application

    Hi folks.

    I am working on a plugin implemented in Qt. The resulting DLL should be usable by non Qt applications. But currently I get a message that there need to be a QApplication object. Since the non Qt app can't provide one I should create it on my own in my DLL. But if I call qapp.exec() there the main app is blocked.

    So is there a solution for that? Something like InterProcessCommunication?

    I only found a Qt addon MFC to Qt Migration. But that is only available for commercial customers.

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend!


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    Default Re: Qt DLL in non Qt application

    There needs to be an event loop running - otherwise gui will not be responsive. So it is your task to provide something that will process events. Usually this is done by calling QApplication::exec(), but you can call QApplication:rocessEvents() periodically instead. This is a hack, but it will work. Another hack is to run QApplication::exec() from within a separate thread - this is risky though - you're asking for all the problems related to thread synchronization.

    A proper solution would be to integrate Qt's event loop with the other event loop running in your application - this is how Glib integration works and one can write an own custom event dispatcher compatible with practically any event loop out there.

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    Default Re: Qt DLL in non Qt application

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