I've been looking for a way to achieve proper run-time untranslation for a while and got stuck because Qt always keep previous translation strings until a new one is offered by some freshly loaded translation files, making it impossible to "untranslate" an application by just removing all the QTranslator objects. So I'm forced to use real "untranslated translation files" (weird huh )

As filling such .ts files by hand is quite annoying I quickly coded a small app which takes care of that : luntr.

I figured it might be of some use to others so here is the code (less than 200 lines, taking project and README into account), BSD-licensed and packaged : http://edyuk.org/misc/luntr-1.0.tar.gz

Usage :
Qt Code:
  1. luntr [-R] [-f "regexfilter"] files/dirs
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As you may have guessed -R stands for recursive and -f for filter (when specified only processes files that DO match the filter).

Note : luntr does not generate/update ts files. You still got to use lupdate for this.