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Thread: QTableWidget crashes on setItem

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    Default QTableWidget crashes on setItem

    I everyone,

    I'm trying to fill a QTableWidget with some items, but when trying setItem it segmentation faults.

    Qt Code:
    1. // vLastId is a ID int
    2. // n becomes 2
    3. // query is valid
    4. int n=viewport->db->Count("customer_addresses a,contacts c",
    5. "c.id_customer=a.id_customer AND"+QString::number(vLastId));
    6. QSqlQuery query=viewport->db->Select(",a.ragsoc","customer_addresses a,contacts c",
    7. "c.id_customer=a.id_customer AND"+QString::number(vLastId));
    9. // two columns defined elsewhere
    10. ui.tbwcaddresses->setSortingEnabled(false);
    11. ui.tbwcaddresses->setRowCount(n);
    12. int row=0;
    13. while(
    14. {
    15. CTableWidgetItem *zid=new CTableWidgetItem(query.value(0).toString());
    16. ui.tbwcaddresses->setItem(row,0,zid); // this row fails and throws exception
    18. CTableWidgetItem *iragsoc=new CTableWidgetItem(query.value(1).toString());
    19. ui.tbwcaddresses->setItem(row,1,iragsoc); // this doesn't fail, and seems the same operation!
    20. ...
    21. row++;
    22. }
    23. ui.tbwcaddresses->setSortingEnabled(true);
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    If I bypass the excepting row, the second setitem works well.
    I've done this operation tons of times before, but never this problem... What could it be?

    Thank you in advance
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