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Thread: QtWebkit and XSLT

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    Default QtWebkit and XSLT

    It seems that XSLT will not be supported in QtWebkit for Qt 4.5 but in the same comment it is mentioned that it should be possible with the public API.
    The comment is too abstract to guide anyone. Does anyone have any ideas how we could glue the Qt 4.5 XSLT implementtion with QtWebkit?
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    Default Re: QtWebkit and XSLT

    use another browser like firefox + selfmade plugin
    or begin your adventure on..

    qt 4.5 XSLT2 is not same as gmone xslt1

    example <xsl:param name=*** run on qt4.5 on other xslt you must write
    <xsl:variable name=***

    if you like to become compatibility on 70% from browser as java script + xslt this is a hard work.

    xslt on browser is a bad place
    the best way to transform xslt documnet or item , direct on server: java framework and his friend php framework
    all two can output xhtml page pdf transformation rtf and all other choise...

    On qt as client xslt is enough to transform local / remote document or rss
    like ->

    Qt Code:
    1. #if QT_VERSION >= 0x040500
    2. QDateTime timer1( QDateTime::currentDateTime() );
    3. StreamBuf *buf = new StreamBuf();
    4. QXmlQuery xquery(QXmlQuery::XSLT20);
    5. xquery.setFocus(QUrl(""));
    6. xquery.bindVariable("unixtime", QVariant(timer1.toTime_t()));
    7. xquery.bindVariable("ddate", QVariant(timer1.toString()));
    8. xquery.bindVariable("ddformat", QVariant(QDir::homePath () ));
    9. xquery.setQuery(QUrl(""));
    10. xquery.evaluateTo(buf->device());
    11. _doc->setHtml ( buf->data() );
    12. ////////////buf->PutOnFile( "ddebughtml.html" );
    13. #endif
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