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    Default drag and drop

    Hi All

    I am vijay. using Vs 2005 with Qt 4.1. I am working on drop and drop operations.

    initialy i am having one main layout which is horizontal layout.

    After that i create four Vertical box layouts it contains label and text box each one.

    and i create four frame windows and i attach frame window with vertical box layouts.

    and i finallly attach main layout with frames. these things are ok. But the problem is when

    we drag one label pixmap , the copy of pixmap is coming from the top left corner instead

    of coming under mouse cursor.

    That' is it plz reply me asap

    I belive that i will get better solution from you people

    thanks and regards

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    Default Re: drag and drop

    I don't exactly know what you mean, but I guess you want to change the hotspot of the dragged item. You can do it with QDrag::setHotSpot().

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