I'm a newbie to QT but have hacked my way thru a lot of different stuff in the past, and this is no exception, but I'm hitting a wall..

firstly I'm working with pyQT so hopefully someone can help me in that aspect as well..

I have a form I want to create with 1 or 2 QTreeWidgets and I want to be able to drag and drop between them.

currently I have a test file with one treewidget that works fine for normal clicking (and in qtDesigner where I built it, the preview of drag and drop actually works) but as soon as I try to drag, it immediately hard crashes with no signal.

I'm assuming I have to subclass the Treewidget to add some drag and drop functionality, but I haven't been able to find any simple examples of that in pyQT..

any pointers, tutorials or help would be greatly appreciated

john c