Hello There

- If sombody read this with ANY ideas, please contact me #ICQ 95844832 - Need to solve this TONIGHT ;-)

Within my app you´ll find an area to display an QGLwidget.
I set up three container_classes which all are coming with one QGLwidget as member.
All container_classes showing the same:
A model (set up by myself) in the QGLwidget existing of several quads.
Each quad get a texture.
Each container_class has few images (bpm) as texture for the quads in the model.

By buttons i can choose, which container_class/model should be shown.
All are drawn, bur only one ist setVisible(true) - the others are hided.
By clicking a button, the actuall QGLwidget get´s hides, the other shown.

First time all wents fine, but when hide/unhide the textures do what ever thy want. I think i need to empty the ql-cache on my graphic card, or release the unused textures somhow.
But how?

Every hint is absolutly welcome. Thx in advance.