I have a weird problem with fonts on my Linux (Mandriva 2009) system - I can't get font sizes smaller than 9 points (it's a reoccuring long term problem, but I have no idea what is causing this). Few days ago I started experimenting with my system which ended up with a need to reinstall some of the packages and that's where the problem has revealed itself.

I'm not sure but it seems that only Qt and KDE applications are affected by this restriction although I can't see font sizes smaller than 9pt listed in Firefox as well, but I'm not sure if this is related.

I've been looking at fontconfig configuration files but I don't have any experience with modifying those. Googling didn't help either but maybe I just don't know what to look for.

Have anyone ever encountered such a limitation or maybe someone can just push me in the right direction? Is there a settings somewhere that says what is the minimum allowed font size in X, freetype or fontconfig?

Thanks in advance.