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Thread: QSqlRelationalTableModel - two references to the same table

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    Question QSqlRelationalTableModel - two references to the same table


    Is it possible to set relations to more than one field in an other table using one foreign key?

    Having two tables: x (id, y_id fk y(id), ...), y (id, a, b)
    and X class which is a subclass of QSqlRelationalTableModel I do:

    setRelation(fieldIndex("y_id"), QSqlRelation("y", "id", "a"));

    Now, if I try:
    setRelation(fieldIndex("y_id"), QSqlRelation("y", "id", "b"));
    the first relation will be lost... And I need to put both fields - a and b from table y to my view.

    Is it possible at all or should I subclass QSqlQueryModel, instead and implement my own setData etc?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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