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Thread: Problems of embedded QWebView in QGraphicsView

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    Question Problems of embedded QWebView in QGraphicsView

    Hi all,

    I came across a cursor display problem when i embedded a QWebView into QGraphicsView, the cursor will *NOT* become the web-context cursor (ie. the cursor should become a hand style cursor over a link); while in a standalone QWebView widget, the cursor behaves well when moving.

    So i wonder whether i miss some key configuration on QWebView or QGraphicsView instances, for currently i haven't made any changes on their default attributes.

    Any help and suggestions are welcomed, many thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Cursor issue of embedded QWebView in QGraphicsView

    One more issue, the context menu also works abnormally in embedded webview, each right mouse click will produce a context menu without destroying the previous one... any comments on this?

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    Default Re: Problems of embedded QWebView in QGraphicsView

    Anybody helps, thanks indeed!

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