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    Question google translator code

    I downloaded the code for an application called 'Google Translate ' from

    It's not showing any errors (when I compile it)and the window is showing up properly.
    The problem I am facing is that the translated result is not showing up.
    This is the output I get (and am stuck at) when I execute the program.
    Qt Code:
    1. [root@localhost bin]# ./Translator
    2. Hello, world!
    3. UI setted
    4. Langs setted
    5. Lang flags configured...
    6. Last pair loaded
    7. Http protocol initialized.
    8. All buttons are connected
    9. Starting translation.
    10. Now we know all we need.
    11. Url configured.
    12. Headers configured.
    13. ByteArray completed.
    14. HTTP host setted
    15. Request started //doesn't seem to proceed beyond this.
    16. //If I close the window then I get--
    17. Last language pair saved
    18. Good bye.
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    What could be the reason behind this?Please advice on any needed changes.
    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

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    Default Re: google translator code

    I don't used the google translator code. I used this italian translation . If you want , you can go to it. I think that translation was better used.

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