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Thread: Error while running in some Windows Xp

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    Default Error while running in some Windows Xp


    Am making a test with QT, to see if it works in every PC, but i had a problem,
    I made one program in QT with exactly this code:
    ( my QT version is 4.4.3 )

    Its just a button that pops, and i have sent it to like 15 friends of mine with this dlls:

    The fact is that in around 5 machines, all with XP, they get one error message wich says it was impossible to start the application due to incorrect configuration.
    But this error does not occured in other machines with the same S.O and service pack, and the program showed correctly.
    This problem does not occur in the Vista ones that i have tested.

    Anyone know why theyre getting this error? and how i can fix it?

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    Default Re: Error while running in some Windows Xp

    I am assuming it has to do with the mscrt dll's. Visual Studio C++ redistrubution
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    Default Re: Error while running in some Windows Xp

    I used the program Dependency Walker, and it showed that all dll's that i need:

    So i sent it again, and the error keeps anoying, the error sayd something about configuration side-by-side.

    Maybe am still missing some dlls?

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    Default Re: Error while running in some Windows Xp

    Put the manifest file of MSVCR90.DLL (Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest) in the same dir... get it from the MS C++ directories in Program Files. Also embed the manifest of your exe into the exe file... that u can make it in the pro file.
    CONFIG += embed_manifest_exe

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    Default Re: Error while running in some Windows Xp

    Hi, i know how to desability the msvc dependencies in one normal c++ application,
    this way:

    Project > Properties >Configuration Properties > C/C++ > Code Generation > Runtime Library > Multithreaded (/MT)

    There is a way to do that while using QT, that uses makefile?

    Sadjoker, how do i embed the manifest of my exe into the exe file?
    Its just add that line in the pro?

    When i click compile the VC overwrite the pro file, what i have to do?
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    Default Re: Error while running in some Windows Xp

    I compiled using the nmake, so the VS doenst overwitten the .pro, and i added
    CONFIG += embed_manifest_exe
    to my project .pro, but the depencies from the msvc90 continues.

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