(Qt 4.4.3 and S60)
Hi everyone,
I believe you have all heard of LBS services in mobile phones...so,are there any classes in Qt which can be used for Location based services?
I read somewhere that such classes exist in Qtopia(but,I don't know any of the class names..haven't used Qtopia)...so,could you give me some idea on this?

I had an application of this sort in mind(I guess something of this sort already exists)---
You go to a place for the first time and using the application,you save the location on a map(maybe as a red dot with the name of the place).Next time you go there,you can't find the place,well, all you do is check your present location on the map(shown as a blue dot,while the location of the destination saved before is shown as a red dot) and find out which direction you need to go...maybe if the basic application works,one could try to add 'distance' between the present location and Destination location etc.....so,can anyone give me some ideas,links etc which might be of help.
Even if one hasn't worked on S60 but, has idea of Qt classes which could be used for LBS,please let me know....

Thanks in advance.