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Thread: QTcpSocket connectionClosed not working correctly

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    Default QTcpSocket connectionClosed not working correctly

    I've got a problem

    I created a TcpServer and a TcpClient with QTcpServer/Socket.

    When the server disconnects himself from the client with disconnectFromHost(), the client gets a connectionClosed signal .

    But when the client disconnects himself from the server, the server isn't getting the connectionClosed signal.
    I also see that the client tries to disconnect several times from the host, but after 6-7 tries it closes the connection with an abort().
    What's going on?

    the server and client are closing the connection in the exact same manner.
    With disconnectFromHost();

    The host is only sending data and not reading anything
    The client is only sending data and not sending anything
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    Default Re: QTcpSocket connectionClosed not working correctly

    Could you prepare a compilable example reproducing the problem?
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