Currently I am writing application that uses webkit intensively(it works as UI of application) on windows XP SP2.

I have a problem - Every page that qtwebkit shows has some adobe flash elements. And every page that has flash overloads cpu up to 40-70% while playing. Non-flash web-pages dont consume that much(I would say not at all). I tested on demo browser that ships with qt 4.5 and it also has the same problem. As I drill down into process details of my application or demo browser, I see that "Page Fault Delta" is almost always 30,000-60,000 every second. I dont see such big Page Fault Delta on other browsers(firefox,apple safari,internet explorer). And every time I go to a web-page containing flash it jumps quickly to 30,000-60,000 again. I tested on 5 other computers in our office with different flash player versions(I tried 8th,9th,10th versions of adobe flash player). but No luck! I guess this "bug" is only on ms windows.

I really would appreciate if anyone could help me to workaround this problem.