I'm studying an easy and fast way to create a pretty ListView where the item is something similar to the "Your Newest Album" of Amarok: a cover and some text on the left.

This is the code I found in the Amarok source code (v1.3)

Qt Code:
  1. void
  2. ContextBrowser::ContructHTMLAlbums(const QStringList & reqResult, QString & htmlCode, QString stID, T_SHOW_ALBUM_TYPE showAlbumType)
  3. {
  4. // This function create the html code used to display a list of albums. Each album
  5. // is a 'toggleable' block.
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It does some query in the rest of code and it adds the item with lines of code like this.

Qt Code:
  1. // Compilation image
  2. htmlCode.append( QStringx (
  3. "<td width='1'>"
  4. "<a href='fetchcover: @@@ %1'>"
  5. "<img class='album-image' align='left' vspace='2' hspace='2' title='%2' src='%3'/>"
  6. "</a>"
  7. "</td>"
  8. "<td valign='middle' align='left'>"
  9. "<a href='compilation:%4'><span class='album-title'>%5</span></a>" )
  10. .args( QStringList()
  11. << escapeHTMLAttr( reqResult[ i ].isEmpty() ? i18n( "Unknown" ) : reqResult[ i ] ) // album.name
  12. << i18n( "Click for information from amazon.com, right-click for menu." )
  13. << escapeHTMLAttr( albumImage )
  14. << reqResult[ i + 1 ] //album.id
  15. << albumName ) );
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Why do they create a List in this way?
Can I make my ListView with delegating methods?
Is it possible to put a label and image in an item View entry (and layout)?
Can someone show me a code that shows how to make a pretty ListView?