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Thread: Program in Windows, Deploy in Linux

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    Default Program in Windows, Deploy in Linux

    Hi All,
    I am new to Qt and cross-platform GUI porgramming.
    Sorry if I ask a silly question.

    I downloaded the non-commercial Qt version for windows and installed it in my PC (WinXP).
    By cross-platform, does it mean there is some way I can compile the Qt code on my windows PC, and have an executable that can run in Linux?

    Thanks for your advice and comment in advance.

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    Default Re: Program in Windows, Deploy in Linux

    You can do that but you need a cross-compiler - that is a compiler that is executed on one platform that builds code for another platform. Cross-platformness of Qt means the same source code can be compiled for many platforms without losing functionality. Usually you compile it on the target platform but it's of course possible to cross compile it to another platform but you need to have the appropriate tool chain installed.
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