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Thread: how to change 'Thread title' in the forum

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    Smile how to change 'Thread title' in the forum

    just wanted to know how we can change 'Thread titles'(which we had started).
    Like, if i initially started a thread titled 'Need help on abc '...and then later on,I solve that 'abc' problem and now I am facing 'def',I want to change my thread title to 'Need help on def'....thing is, I noticed that when I have posted a second reply in my own thread,I can no longer edit my first post or change the thread title.Is there some way which we can do that(I believe there's some way,guys seem to have done that before),so,could someone enlighten me on how to do this.I have tried but couldn't do it.
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    Default Re: how to change 'Thread title' in the forum

    Hi, I think if you face a new kind of problem you should open a new thread and not "convert" your old one. It will make it much easier for people with similar problems to search for answers.


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