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Thread: Kudos on 4.5

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    Default Kudos on 4.5

    Thought I might make my first positing a useless one, but I just can't contain my enthusiasm over Qt 4.5, but more specifically the new IDE.

    I was using Qt3 then Qt4 about 2 years ago in a commercial environment, and had always been extremely impressed by it. Due to a change of job I was pushed away from Qt and onto Java with Swing for all GUI stuff. There were a few things that annoyed me with Swing. Resizing, events, threading, and a few other things I found were much easier, and cleaner to code using C++/Qt. But Java always trumped in that it was so easy to set up your project, and move it between environments. It also gave me access to that massive, time-saving API. I also had very few performance issues using Swing (I'll brace for the sledging), but always felt it could be a little smoother (like Qt).

    After tooling around with Java/SWT in Eclipse with a home project, and becoming frustrated with the IDE's plug in GUI builders not playing nice, and crashing out or stalling hourly, I remembered how I never had these niggles using Qt, and I wasn't using any of the web stuff, so I thought that I'd throw away about a week's work of effort, and put in the time to set myself up in C++ with Qt again. I've become quite fond of nice IDEs with code completion (i.e. NetBeans and VS2008), so was planning to use KDevelop for my home tooling (I get to choose my OS at home and it's not windows, otherwise VS2008 w/C# would have been the go).

    But what's this? In the two years I've been out of Qt they've gone off and made their own IDE which rolls in the Designer and provides an editor with all the garnish. On top of all this, I can install everything in one shot, and keep it all isolated for easy upgrading, and migration. I liked the idea, so naturally I downloaded and installed the Qt 4.5.

    After having a bit of a play, all I can say is wow (and everything else above and below this line). This is a great IDE, and is exactly what I wanted when working with C++ and Qt. All I can say is fantastic work. Thanks for making it even easier to use this rich framework in my applications.

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    Default Re: Kudos on 4.5


    i too love qtcreator. haven't used msvc in 4 months!


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