Hello, I was wondering if I could get some advice. I'm attempting to send a signal to a QLCDNumber's display() slot.

I have the connection declared as.
QObject::connect( &a, SIGNAL(updateMiss(int)), n1MissLcd, SLOT(display(int)));

When I run the program it crashes, but does not when I take out the above connect.

The error code the program crashes with is '-1073741819'. Running the program with the debugger the program appears to go into an infinite loop inside of the QObject::connect() function.

The debugger stops at the line:
const QMetaObject *rmeta = receiver->metaObject();

Even though I have not set a breakpoint here. Any attempt to advance the program passed this point do not work, the debugger appears to try and repeat the line over and over.

Thanks, kai.