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Thread: QwtPlot axis decmials/notation

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    Default QwtPlot axis decmials/notation

    Hey guys,

    I have a QwtPlot that is setup very similar to the incrementalplot example. The y values can range from very small numbers to very large integers. Everything works great until I try to plot some of those very large integer values. The best example is if I plot the system time in seconds since 1970 you get an incrementing number that is something like 1234567891011. This is displayed as 1.2345E12 for every sample, obscuring the digits that are actually changing. Is there a way to keep it from converting to exponential notation? Failing that, can I set the number of significant digits it shows in exponential form so I can see the last digit incrementing?


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    Mapping of the tick values into tick labels is done by QwtScaleDraw::label(), that needs to be overloaded.
    F.e. the cpuplot example shows a scale, where the labels are mapped to time strings.


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