Hi All,

Suppose a QTextEdit holds a hyperlink in this format <a href="#">LINK</a>. Then it's possible to correctly copy (Ctrl+C) this hyperlink and paste somewhere in my document (the same QTextEdit).
But when the link is in the following format <a name="A" href="#">LINK</a> then the copy paste is not done correctly (note the difference is the 'name' attribute of <a>). Particularly, by tracing QTextEdit::createMimeDataFromSelection (called on copy), I can see that the content of mime is something like this:

<!--StartFragment--><a name="X"></a><a href="#"><span style=" text-decoration: underline; color:#0000ff;">L</span></a><span style=" text-decoration: underline; color:#0000ff;">INK</span> <!--EndFragment-->

Seems it split the actual link representation into God knows what, particularly, the first letter of the name L is separated from remaining part of the name - INK.

Is anybody familiar with such a behavior? Any ideas are welcome!

Using Qt4.4.1.

Thanks sincerely.