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Thread: disable enable network connections?

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    Default disable enable network connections?

    hi all,

    I will like to create a function to disable/enable network connection in my program.I've tried a test code sample but it does not work and I suspect I did not properly included and link the necessary headers and libs..

    Qt Code:
    1. #include <windows.h>
    2. #include <iphlpapi.h>
    3. #include <objbase.h>
    4. #include <netcon.h>
    5. #include <stdio.h>
    6. .....
    7. void disableNIC(char * AdapterName)
    8. {
    9. INetConnectionManager* pNet;
    10. INetConnection* pConn;
    11. IEnumNetConnection* pEnum;
    12. NETCON_PROPERTIES* pProps;
    13. wchar_t Temp[255];
    14. ULONG uCount = 0;
    16. swprintf(Temp, L"%S", AdapterName);
    17. CoInitialize(NULL);
    18. CoCreateInstance(CLSID_ConnectionManager, NULL, CLSCTX_SERVER, IID_INetConnectionManager, (void**)&pNet);
    19. //CoCreateInstance(CLSID_ConnectionManager, NULL, CLSCTX_SERVER, __uuidof(INetConnectionManager), (void**)&pNet);
    20. pNet->EnumConnections(NCME_DEFAULT, &pEnum);
    21. ....
    22. ...
    23. }
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    it has an error with "undefined referenced to CLSID_ConnectionManager" and "IID_INetConnectionManager",or _uuidof was not declared in this scope.

    I've included objbase.h and netcon.h and have added libole32.a to my Lib directory and I linked it like this: win32:LIBS += -Ld:/Path/Lib -liphlpapi -lole32 -lnetshell
    Is there anything that I've missed and how to solve it?

    Is there any functions in Qt that can be used to disable/enable connections instead?

    Appreciate any advice.

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    Default Re: disable enable network connections?

    anyone has solution?

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    Default Re: disable enable network connections?

    Hmm... I'm having a deja vu. I though I already answered that question.

    Anyway --- no, Qt has no facilities for managing network interfaces.
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