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Thread: Placement a widget over other widgets in layout

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    Default Placement a widget over other widgets in layout

    Hello friends,

    I have some widgets on my form which are placed by horizontal layout.
    Next I want to add other widget ( semi-transparent label) on top of those widgets, not in layout.
    When dragging I cannot place it correctly because qt designer adds it to the layout automatically.
    This is not what I want to do.

    Do you have any ideas how to do such placement ?

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    Default Re: Placement a widget over other widgets in layout

    Place it in code if you have to. But think twice before doing that because this is something unusual which we would normally not do. Try thinking about some other solution to your problem.
    Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

    Please ask Qt related questions on the forum and not using private messages or visitor messages.

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