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Thread: Using third-party libraries in qt

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    Question Using third-party libraries in qt

    How do I use a function defined in a third-party library from inside qt?

    For example, when I click on a submit button, I want the function func_lib1 () which is defined in the third party library to be called. Basically, how do I link that library with qt?

    Os used: Fedora core 5
    Library Extn- "la"
    qt ver- 3.3

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    Default Re: Using third-party libraries in qt

    .la is not a real library, it's a libtool archive - there is a .so file somewhere that keeps it company.

    Basically all you need to do is to add the following to your qmake project file:
    qmake Code:
    1. LIBS+= -L/path/to/dir/containing/the/library -llibraryname_without_lib_prefix_and_so_suffix
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