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Thread: QwtZoomer problem when I change axis scale [SOLVED]

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    Default QwtZoomer problem when I change axis scale [SOLVED]

    I have a plot of some data, with a zoomer and a panner.
    Every time I click a button I reset the data of the curve and also I change the x axis scale.
    The problem is the zoom out of the Zommer: it restores the first x axis scale that I've set. But this is no longer valid for the current chart.

    I've read this post:
    I don't understand what should I do.

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    Default Re: QwtZoomer problem when I change axis scale

    When you change the axes behind the back of the zoomer, you have to reinitialize it with zoomer->setZoomBase().


  3. The following user says thank you to Uwe for this useful post:

    PaceyIV (19th May 2009)

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