Hi all,
I'm a first time Qt programmer and so this will hopefully be an easy one for you.

So, I have got an application which I set the font on by using the following snippet in main.cpp:

Qt Code:
  1. app.setFont(QFont("Arial"));
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However, throughout the app the text looks dodgy; spacing between letters is off and when I compare this to text typed in TextEdit it looks totally different. Some letters are almost touching one another whereas with others there are 'massive' gaps between them which take them close to looking like seperate words. I can try and adjust the spacing but obviously this just throws out the letters that are correctly spaced. Help please!

Am I missing something big? Why do the fonts not render as they do in other apps such as TextEdit etc, is there anyting I can do? I only want Arial/Helvetica nothing fancy.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, I do plan to use this app crossplatform so if there are any issues there that I am currently unaware of please chip in...thanks a lot.