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Thread: Senior QTClient Developer and Developer / Ireland

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    Hi All,

    I am looking to hire 1 senior QT Developer and 1 QT developer for a company based in Dublin - they will recruit from anywhere in the world for these roles and the salaries will be exceptional for the right person particularly the senior role. They will pay for relocation and Green Card for Ireland. The Salary will include a 40% benifits package.

    Please no time wasting - send your CV to and I will be in touch or skype me at berrybaby4239

    Ronan Canning
    Overall Purpose of Role:

    We are seeking an outstanding software engineer to work on our client software, to help us expand the online Gaming industry’s leading application. This engineer will be an expert QT GUI developer, helping make our user experience even better.


    First and foremost, you must be an expert in cross-platform GUI application development using the Nokia/Trolltech QT Framework. You must be an expert with the QT core libraries, including multi-threading and concurrency, and inter-object communication (signals and slots); with QT GUI module, with QT WebKit integration, and with the QT Build System. You must be experienced at building custom controls on top of the QT framework. You must understand the principles of the QT Meta Object principles (properties, invocation and late binding). You must be comfortable with QT Designer and QT Forms (all aspects of forms development). You must also be comfortable identifying /isolating /debugging issues within the QT library itself, and also of making custom-patches to the QT libraries if necessary. You should also be comfortable mentoring and training developers that are newer to QT; guiding them to develop better QT applications.

    Applicants should also have a well-rounded background in the principles of software design and implementation. You should have a solid understanding of computer science fundamentals, as well as proficiency in a broad array of technical skills including GUI design, operating systems, networking, databases, data structures, cross-platform design, and commercial application development. Experience developing enterprise-class software (7x24, availability, serviceability) is a big plus.

    We're looking for software engineers who “live and breath” software development, and who know how to develop software from a fundamental standpoint. Experience developing games software is a huge plus. Any other tools of the trade are a bonus, such scripting, GUI automation. We expect you'll have plenty.

    You need a track record of shipping software products, and experience with the complete software lifecycle. Must have the ability to work with large, complex systems, and develop enhancements to the architecture. You will also develop design specifications, UI specifications, author internal documentation, and participate in the review of these documents. Fluency in the English language is required, as are strong communication skills.

    The successful candidate will possess many of the following:

    At least 5 years of Software Development Experience
    At least 3 years of coding with Trolltech’s QT framework, version 4.x
    B.S. degree in computer science or equivalent, masters preferred
    Must have a solid working knowledge of ANSI C/C++

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    Default Re: Senior QTClient Developer and Developer / Ireland

    This is for Pocket Kings in Dublin (Full Tilt Poker). Dont bother, high pressure environment, poor communications, very high staff turnover. No appreciation, constant deadline pressure, high burnout rate. Constantly trolling for CVs. They pay well, but trust me, dont bother, avoid like the plague.

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    Default Re: Senior QTClient Developer and Developer / Ireland

    Hi Kevin
    I have got around 5.5 years of experience in developing commercial software using QT,MFC,OPENGL etc GUI based. I can efficiently handle your project.Try with me once u'll surely like contact details as follows.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sujan Dasmahapatra
    B.E. (Aeronautics)
    Bangalore, India
    mail id :
    yahoo msn :
    icq # 556023244


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