I am trying to get QExtserialport working on Windows, but it is giving me problems.
Surprising, since it is working fine on MacOSX.

For receive, it seems to lock to 1200 baud regardless of what I set it to, and for transmit, I am not sure what it does.

I am testing it by connecting a null modem cable between COM1: and COM2:, running the qextserialport test application QESPTA on COM1: and HyperTerminal on COM2:.
At 1200 baud I can write characters on the HyperTerminal and receive them on the QESPTA, If I transmit something from QESPTA I cannot find a port setting in HyperTerminal that will receive it.

Am I missing something fundamental such as pin straps on the ports?
I would assume a three line cable would be enough? (RxD,GND,TxD)
These are the settings I use:
Qt Code:
  1. port = new QextSerialPort("COM1");
  2. port->setBaudRate(BAUD9600);
  3. port->setFlowControl(FLOW_OFF);
  4. port->setParity(PAR_NONE);
  5. port->setDataBits(DATA_8);
  6. port->setStopBits(STOP_1);
  7. //set timeouts to 500 ms
  8. port->setTimeout(500);
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Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.