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Thread: [Solved]How to avoid setParentItem() from changing the item position?

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    Question [Solved]How to avoid setParentItem() from changing the item position?

    i'm using QGraphicsItem and some animations, i have a problem when i change the parent of an item because also it's position is changed. That's due to the fact that the position is related to the parent position, so i tried this:

    item->setPos(item->mapToItem(new_parent, item->pos());

    but it seams like setParentItem occurs before setPos() and it updates the scene with the item in the wrong position.

    The only solution i found is to block all scene signals, set the parent , set the position, unlock the signals and update:

    QPointF position = item->pos();
    item->setPos(item->mapToItem(new_parent, item->pos());

    that does the job but i'm looking for something more elegant than block all signals, also because i have other items on the scene and that would block their signal as well.

    Any suggestion?!?

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    Default Re: How to avoid setParentItem() from changing the item position?

    what happens when u set the parent first and then change the pos?

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    Default Re: How to avoid setParentItem() from changing the item position?

    Thanks for the reply but luckly I solved the problem, i don't understand the behavior of mapToItem method, after some std::cout i realize that the position i was setting was wrong so i write this:

    item->setPos(item->pos() - new_parent->pos());

    and that works great. And yes you're right, setPos can be placed after setParentItem. All the problem was the map function.

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