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Thread: Dynamic Sizing of QTableView Column Widths

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    Default Dynamic Sizing of QTableView Column Widths


    I have a QTableView in my applications main window, and need to set its column widths to a certain % of the window size and it needs to be done when the application first opens, the window opens maximized.

    So in my constructor I do this,

    Qt Code:
    1. // Initial queue column width %s
    2. QDesktopWidget* desk = QApplication::desktop();
    3. int width = desk->geometry().width() - 20; // - overheads
    4. ui->tbQueueView->horizontalHeader()->resizeSection(0, (width / 100) * 64);
    5. ui->tbQueueView->horizontalHeader()->resizeSection(1, (width / 100) * 7);
    6. ui->tbQueueView->horizontalHeader()->resizeSection(2, (width / 100) * 15);
    7. ui->tbQueueView->horizontalHeader()->resizeSection(3, (width / 100) * 5);
    8. ui->tbQueueView->horizontalHeader()->resizeSection(4, (width / 100) * 9);
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    This works, but If I have dual monitors it obviously doesn't because its greater than the size of a maximized application window.

    Is there a better approach? Ideally I would know the actual window size here and do %s of that, but because the window hasn't been drawn in the constructor I don't think I can find that out? Additionally I don't think there's a signal that I can use as soon as the window is drawn.

    Anyone know a good approach?


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    Default Re: Dynamic Sizing of QTableView Column Widths

    you need to process QResizeEvent of a widget which contains a table view and do caluculation for a header again.
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