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Thread: Problems with nmake: vc90.pdb header file incorrect

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    Default Problems with nmake: vc90.pdb header file incorrect

    I'm getting the following error when running 'nmake':

    Qt Code:
    1. ... io\qfilesystemwatcher.cpp : error C2859: c:\qt\4.4.0\src\corelib\vc90.pdb is not
    2. the pdb file that was used when this precompiled header was created, recreate the precompiled header.
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    Maybe I ran this before and it corrupted the file? Any idea how I can fix it?

    Thank You!

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    Default Re: Problems with nmake: vc90.pdb header file incorrect

    You may already have the issue fixed, but I've had this (or at least a similar) issue when mixing up compiling with the 8.0 and 9.0 versions of the vc++ compiler. Generally a clean build and making sure you use the same compiler every time should fix it, ergo rebuild your Qt with the currently used compiler.

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