I have a cross-compiling setup, where I can compile MacOS X binaries on a Linux machine. I can compile generic libraries / applicaitons fine. I can even use qmake to do all this.

But when it comes to compiling and linking Qt-based applicaiton, I'm encountering some issues. When I do the same thing using a win32-mingw-based cross-compilation toolchain, I simply set in the qmake project file:

Qt Code:
  1. QMAKE_INCDIR_QT = $$(QT_HOME)/include
  2. QMAKE_LIBDIR_QT = $$(QT_HOME)/lib
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where QT_HOME points to the windows-based Qt home directory tree. this way, all the proper includes & libraries are found. but, on MacOS X, Qt is not contained in a single directory tree, but in a number of frameworks:

Qt Code:
  1. Qt3Support.framework
  2. QtAssistant.framework
  3. QtCore.framework
  4. QtDBus.framework
  5. QtDesignerComponents.framework
  6. QtDesigner.framework
  7. QtGui.framework
  8. QtHelp.framework
  9. QtNetwork.framework
  10. QtOpenGL.framework
  11. QtScript.framework
  12. QtScriptTools.framework
  13. QtSql.framework
  14. QtSvg.framework
  15. QtTest.framework
  16. QtWebKit.framework
  17. QtXml.framework
  18. QtXmlPatterns.framework
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so it doesn't seem to be that straightforward to set QMAKE_INCDIR_QT and such. also, I'm not that familiar on how to handle frameworks with qmake. would one need to add all the above frameworks one by one manually? isn't there a way to tell qmake to find all of them in a single spot - the same way it's done when compiling on MacOS X?

thus any idea on how to make this work would be very welcome..