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Thread: Basic 2D Graphs with QGraphicsView

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    Default Basic 2D Graphs with QGraphicsView


    I've installed Qt Creator 1.2.0, based on Qt 4.5.2 (32 bit)
    For my diploma thesis i need to view some spectroscopic graphs.

    Custom Panel Graph with Line + Symbol Plots of Spectroscopic Data

    My question is:
    Does QGraphicsView provide some sort of gnuplot-like graphs?

    Or Basic Sinus,- plotting functions, scaling Axis, zooming-, scrolling-Axis, setting Labels and tics and so on?

    Or do i have to buiild my own derived QT class, based on QGraphicsView and do it all by myself? (Scaling, Labels, size-resize, and so on..)


    __________________________________________________ ___________________
    some other graphs..

    (sophisticated) graphs:
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