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Thread: Reading data from xls file

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    Default Reading data from xls file

    Hi All

    I am trying to read the data from xls file.

    I have been trying with sample code of

    while analysing the code ,i don't know where they are giving the input fille name and path..

    and i am not strong with QAxObject... while running the sample code..

    Qt Code:
    1. error: `QtValidLicenseForActiveQtModule' does not name a type.
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    Please help me...


    Yuvaraj R

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    Default Re: Reading data from xls file

    Seems to me that happens here:

    Qt Code:
    1. QAxObject* workbook = workbooks->querySubObject( "Open(const QString&)", exchange->getFilename() );
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    Default Re: Reading data from xls file

    What version of Qt are you using? Commercial or Open Source? A quick Google indicates this message was associated with versions before ActiveQt was included in the open source version. That string does not appear in my 4.6.2 source.

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