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Thread: Plugin Arch Questions

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    Default Plugin Arch Questions

    I recently add my plugin manager and plugin to my application. But I'm having trouble integrating the plugin system. Well to exact. I have the application locating my plugins and adding them and unloading fine. The only problem is trying to decide on how to do it correctly.

    The way the application is design is a little complicated due to the feature I have.

    Main Window -> Server View -> ServerView Tab -> ChannelView -> Channel.

    Where as ServerView can have many ServerTab's. And each ServerTab can have a ChannelView and many tabs for it. The problem I have right now is trying to figure out how to get the input from all the channels in each Server and make it available to the plugin without complicating anything and make it easier so the user writting the plugin doesn't have to do much work to manipulate the stuff.
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    Default Re: Plugin Arch Questions

    signals and slots? either define relevant slot names as part of your plugin API/guidelines and connect everything for each plugin you load (the slots may or may not be defined in the plugins but it doesn't really matter...) or pass an object to plugin and let them make the connections they deem interesting.
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