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Thread: Resizing dialog with form layout

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    Default Resizing dialog with form layout


    I have a dialog in which I have applied form layout as
    top level layout.
    Here is the structure of the dialog :

    label horizontal layout
    label lineEdit

    in the horizontal layout I have two lineEdits.

    When I resize the dialog only the lineEdit which is not in the horizontal layout is streched , and the lineEdits which are in the
    horizontal layout are not streched.

    I have applied to all my edit boxes size policies equal to (Expanding,Expanding,0,1) .
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    Default Re: Resizing dialog with form layout

    That's the default behavior of a line edit, because it only shows one line and therefor don't need a vertical expansion. You really should keep that, and reset the default option for the stand alone line edit.

    If not use the attached one: line edits inside a widget.
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    Default Re: Resizing dialog with form layout

    Thank you for the reply, it works this way for me

    I saw your example and noticed that the line edits that were originally added to horizontal layout , know are making composite widget like this :

    Qt Code:
    1. <widget class="QWidget" native="1" name="widget_2" >
    3. <item>
    4. <widget class="QLineEdit" name="lineEdit_2" >
    5. </item>
    7. <item>
    8. <widget class="QLineEdit" name="lineEdit_3" >
    9. </item>
    11. </widget>
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    How can I do this ,i.e organize my line edits in one composite widget through qt designer,
    i.e without manually messing with the .ui file and adding the appropriate code ? Is it possible ? I could not find such a option in designer

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