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Thread: Multilotek - simulation of lottery game

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    Default Multilotek - simulation of lottery game

    Multilotek - is a simulation of a Polish lottery game "Multi Lotek".


    - works on Linux and Windows
    - complete simulation of the lottery, with choosing 1 to 10 numbers, stake, "Plus" game mode
    - truly random drawing
    - tracking of statistics
    - dynamic translation (English and Polish) based on locale, it is also possible to change the language manually from the GUI
    - saving and restoring of data from a settings file
    - different views of drawing, i.e. with/without sorting, with/without coloring etc.
    - using modal and modeless dialogs to display additional information

    I have created this program to study object oriented programming in C++ and building applications with graphical user inteface in Qt. I have published it on a free GPL license in order to allow others to learn how to program moderately simple apps in Qt - but also for normal users to have fun with the Multilotek lottery, without spending real money on it.

    Sources with the most up-to-date version of Multilotek can be found at

    The binary version for Windows is available on above site and also at
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