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Thread: Problem with .ui form

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    Default Problem with .ui form

    I'm making program in Qt Creator and today I have encountered a problem - when I change something in one of my .ui form files included in my project and then I build it - nothing changes... (Graphically my MainWindow looks exactly like previous version, despite the fact that I changed something in adequate file... Already tried restarting Qt, rebooting my computer, even built Qt again, but the problem still exists.
    Interesting thing is when I hit ctrl+alt+r (preview) I see what I should... What's more: after removing my .ui file it still builds project! I tried to delete all Makefile's and whole debug folder, of course in vain.
    Do you know, what could be the reason for this?

    Thanks in advance,
    Fenix Voltres


    OK, found it - Creator added "\" sign in my .pro file before "FORMS".
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