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Thread: Memory usage of simple Qt app

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    Default Memory usage of simple Qt app

    I have a simple Qt GUI application with 4 or 5 simple controls on it (button, line edit, etc.) I have a lot of memory constraints to deal with as far as the system it is going on so I have been trying to trim down the memory usage. I've noticed that if I run the app in full screen, (with my monitor being at 1920x1200 res), it takes up 7 more meg than if I run it at its normal size (something like 800x600). It's such a simple app that doesn't do much, yet just SITTING there doing nothing it's taking up 20 meg of RAM (on my windows machine). Are there any good ways to help trim that memory usage down?

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    Default Re: Memory usage of simple Qt app

    It seems possible that the app is keeping an off-screen buffer of the Qt Window or what it is obscuring. Assuming you are running that resolution with 24-bit colour you will need around 7 megabytes (1920x1200x3) of memory to do this (about 1.5 at 800x600).

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